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Il Qatar vuole coltivare il deserto. E può

“We launched Zulal Oasis back in 2013, through a partnership between Hassad Food and Oasis Agrotechnology, a consortium led by Primaflor Group (the leading greenhouse and production technology company in Europe), to test and adapt the company’s technology to the local climate”. “We are pleased to announce that this pilot project has achieved great success. The technology proved to be perfectly suited for Qatar’s climate; it also exceeded expectations regarding the yield and quality, producing more than 37 kilograms per sqm of highest quality European Standard”. “The Zulal Oasis technology is a long term sustainable production model, with the capability of   producing high grade crops 12 months a year regardless of the season, since the technology was developed as an integrated farming system that operates efficiently by utilizing the local climate conditions, while efficiently using and recycling 100% of the irrigation water”. “We would like to invite the local farmers, investors and agriculture sector specialists to join us for a site visit at the Headquarters of Zulal Oasis in Al-Shahaniya during the open day on 27th August to learn more about the new technology we developed to support the local economy”. The new generation of hydroponic greenhouses tops the achievements of Zulal Oasis; with its long-life strong structure, state of the art design and technological advances makes this agricultural technology the most advanced, efficient and suitable for arid climates. The greenhouse design is based upon a comprehensive concept, using cutting-edge technology such as the worldwide-patented crop system; New Growing System (NGSTM), which is the most advanced hydroponic system in the world. NGSTM has several state of the art advantages such as, not using soil or substrate materials for agriculture, natural self-purification, maximum development of roots and 100% recirculating nutrient solution. Additionally, the NGS system provides comprehensive standard irrigation system which makes it by far the most efficient for farmers in terms of productivity, strength and health of plants, saving water and fertilizers, as well as uniformity and quality of the products. The Dry Air Cooling System (DACS) is an automated smart climate control system used by Zulal Oasis for cooling the greenhouses. It operates with the highest efficiency in terms of uniformly cooling all the parameters of the greenhouse regardless of the outside temperature. The DACS technology has been adapted to the local weather and humidity, to provide the optimum environment for plants throughout the year; additionally this unique system consumes no water for operation and provides no moisture.

The Zulal Oasis technology is financially viable, as the cost of production is highly competitive and lower than imported products of the same quality. It also allows diversification in the produced crops regardless of the season to meet the ongoing market demand.

Zulal Oasis also offers a complete service including design, planning & engineering, construction and manufacturing of greenhouses components, project management, technical advice, farmers training, input supply & maintenance, farm operation as well as marketing and distribution of products. All these services are in place to achieve the highest levels of productivity and profitability for greenhouses agriculture.​

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